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Building Owners

Mullins Food Products

“Our experience with Titan Contracting could hardly have been better. Every part of the construction process, from bidding through turning over the keys to our new warehouse, was completely professional. Many of the best design and functional aspects of our new building came from Titan’s ideas and advice. On time, within budget, and without a single disruption of our business.”

Bill Mullins
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2200 S. 25th Avenue
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Referring to a Business Owner’s day as busy would be an understatement. At Titan we understand the more time you focus on a building project is less time focused on what makes you money, your business.

So how can Titan Contracting Company make a difference? When looking for a construction company to get the job done well; it is important to choose one that concentrates on your desired results. We will listen to you and provide solutions to any concerns you may have, allowing us to achieve your desired results. Titan’s goal is to help you shorten that “to-do list” by creating a lasting product best suited for your needs, saving you time and money in the future.

What makes Titan the right choice?
Titan Contracting Company stands apart from the rest in the way we conduct business with our clients. Many large companies base decisions on profit margins instead of taking pride in their work. This comes at the expense of quality, lasting relationships and of course your wallet. The founder of Titan Contracting Company, Bryan Crook, believes in forming relationships with clients that go beyond the project at hand. This means taking full responsibility for each project we accept and producing an end result that leaves our clients fully satisfied.

Commitment from start to finish, period.
Bryan will work with you to establish a budget for your project, a budget you can live with that gets your project completed the way you expected, giving you peace of mind from the very beginning. Maintaining a presence throughout the entire project, he ensures consistency and commitment to this initial figure.

Let us be a part of your success.
Because Titan Contracting Company offers high quality service with client-centered results we understand the importance of efficiency. We establish an open line of communication with our clients from the very beginning to ensure the process ahead goes as smoothly as possible. By doing so, are able to anticipate disruptions that may affect your business’s daily schedules and work with you to proceed in a way that is as least intrusive as possible.

Quality rooted in experience.
Holding nearly every position within the construction business for over the past 30 years, Bryan has acquired a firm understanding of both the labor and management sides of the construction process. He brings this expertise to each project taken on by Titan, identifying any problems that may arise and following through to make sure a solution is implemented. It is our hope that through our execution of service, along with a final product that exceeds your expectations, you will immediately think of Titan Contracting for your next project.

Real Estate Professionals

Nicolson, Porter & List, Inc.

“I’ve worked with Bryan Crook and Titan Contracting on more than 20 
projects over the past 8 years. Bryan is extremely thoughtful about how he
 runs his jobs and I always feel confident that he’s looking out for the
 best interest of the project. He is very detail oriented, his work is 
first-rate and you never have to worry that things will be done the right 
way. Our tenants have been extremely pleased with Bryan’s work and I’ll be 
glad to continue using him on my projects.”

Mark T. Barbato-Principal

Phone: 847-698-7402
1300 W. Higgins Road, Suite #104
Park Ridge, IL 60068

When it comes to creating a space that works for your client where do you begin?    

Hiring a professional construction company you can trust to get the job done right can be a daunting task. Many companies will accept a job, then play hot potato with your project, handing it off to the “next guy” at every stage of the process. This lack of consistency can be detrimental, leaving you with an end result that looks, and costs, nothing like the initial plan.

At Titan we understand your concerns, you need the project done on time and on budget. The solution is in our approach to our work, based on building relationships that last far beyond the final product. We ensure that by the time we’re finished you will have a professional space that exceeds your expectations but not your budget.

The way we do things:

The key to success is communication. We work with you to develop a plan based on your budget. Our professionals will listen to your concerns throughout the process, offering guidance that keeps this initial amount in mind. Often, the most effective solutions are not necessarily the most expensive ones.

The advantage of working as a team from start to finish seems obvious, yet many companies section projects off between departments. The process is complicated further when Architects are thrown into the already varied field of opinions. During these pass off’s projects are vulnerable to miscommunications and added costs, leaving you unsure where to go when questions do arise. Titan Contracting Company is committed to eliminating this confusion. We will work with your design team or choose an Architect that works with us to get the job done within the initial budget. This open line of communication between builder and Architect creates efficiency throughout the entire life of the project and leads to less complications along the way.

We believe in forming relationships with our clients lasting beyond the finished product. The president of Titan Contracting Company, Bryan Crook, makes a point of being involved throughout the project, insuring consistency from start to finish. With a background in carpentry, Bryan has worked in all aspects of the construction business, becoming well acquainted with both the labor and management process.

Nearly all our work comes to us on a referral basis. Bryan believes in providing a service based on quality and truthfulness with each and every client. It is our hope that after your first experience with us you will call on Titan as new projects arise, confident that we have you and your client’s best interest at heart.


Kwasek Architects

"Bryan Crook is one of the most diligent, honest, and thorough general contractors that I have worked with. We have worked together on multiple projects in the Chicago area. Any one with the foresight to select him for their project can be assured of getting a final project that is on time, on budget and the highest quality possible for the budget."

Julius J. Kwasek

Phone #: 847-359-9360
1602 Colonial Parkway
Inverness, IL 60067


Titan Contracting Company understands that each project is designed to improve and enhance our clients business. Because of this we strive to provide a solution based approach to our client’s needs. By working with each project’s architect as a partner we unite our building experience with their design experience to provide the best possible outcome for our clients.

Creating a Partnership

We strive to achieve this is by working with Architects interested in creating a partnership based on respect, trust and most importantly, open communication. For both bid projects and design/build projects we are determined to work with each architect to support and enhance their design to effectively complete the project. It is our experience that this approach will lead to a successful project with open lines of communication eliminating avoidable complications by respecting each others place in the building process.

Working as a Team is the Key to Success

Titan’s commitment to working as a team has been instrumental to its success in developing long term, lasting relationships. This is because we recognize the advantages of supporting all sectors of the process for each project we are a part of. Time after time, this collaboration of efforts has proven to ultimately lead to successfully completed projects, which benefits all those involved. Let us work with you to create solutions that ensure the best possible outcome for our clients.

If you are an Architect interested in learning more about partnering with us, feel free to contact the founder and President of Titan Contracting Company, Bryan Crook at 630-766-0900.